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Tone Bar Soap Discontinued

Looking for a soap that is both full size and full of benefits? look no further than the 4 tone almond milk bar soap real milk protein vitamins very rare bars! These bars are a 4 tone almond milk bar soap real milk protein vitamins bar is full size, perfect for your soap needs.

Has Tone Bar Soap Been Discontinued

Hello! we want to let you know that tone bar soap has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for choosing tone bar soap.

Is Tone Bar Soap Being Discontinued

Is tone bar soap being discontinued? yes, tone bar soap is no longer being produced. looking for a way to keep your tone down? these bars of tone bar soap are perfect for you! They're blueberry-colored and have a nice, fresh smell, making your skin feel smooth and soft. Plus, the antioxidantippy ingredients will help to protect your skin from the inside out. the 12 tone mango splash bath bars 4. 25oz each soaps are a great value and will last long! They come in three colors - black, blue, and green - and have a bright mango flavor. This set is also conta This tone bar soap is discontinued and may be rare. If you're in the market for a good tone of soap, this is the one! The 12 tone mango splash bath bar is a 4. 25 oz bar that comes with a 4. 5 oz bottle of tone. It's a great additional step to your bath or spa day.