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Scented Bar Soap

Looking for a refreshing and clean soapy feeling? dr. Squatch soap is your perfect choice! Each bar is made with pine tar and bay rum-powered oil. Plus, new batches of fresh bars are released every day, so you can pick out your favorite scents. Keep your skin feeling clean and fresh all winter!

Best Scented Bar Soap

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Scented Bar Soap Walmart

This dr. Squatch bay rum soap is a highly scented, 100% natural bar soap. It has a subtle, slightly sweet dr. Squatch bay rum taste and a slightly warm, indulgent feel to it. It's ideal for use in the shower, and is also great for facial care. ourickskillet soaped goats milk scents make this bar bath scent rich and luxurious. The 4 oz. Bar is good for four uses and offers a rich and matted body. this scented bar soap is sure to give your home a touch of luxury! The unique design features two menthol-scented bars, together with fresh and clean ingredients. this maja perfumed bar soap gift box offers a 3x3. 1ounceperformance soap in a convenient, small gift box. Maja perfumed bar soap is the perfect choice for any gift. These soaps are made with classic bath soaps in a variety of colors and formulations. Jabon savon is a recent discovery at the modern bath soapers, but it will becoming increasingly popular as the all-natural ingredients get more common. These soaps are scent rich with lemons, figs, and lavender, for a sense of touch that is refreshing.